Double occurrence of "libevent" RPMS in core and extras

Konstantin Ryabitsev icon at
Wed Jan 18 16:44:30 UTC 2006

Jesse Keating wrote:
> I am deeply sorry this happened.  As the release engineer for Fedora, I
> have made it a point to have developers notify and discuss with Extras
> maintainers if/when they wish to pull something from Extras into core.
> In the past this hasn't been handled very well, as you see here.
> Hopefully in the future this will be done in a much more graceful way.
> Please do not see this as a slight to you or your hard work.  We all
> appreciate very much the work you've done by providing packages for
> Extras.  In the case of this package, I'm almost certain that you've
> saved a RH employee time and work by having the package already there.

It should also be part of policy to make sure that if Extras 
packages are adopted into Core, that they upgrade existing FE 
packages. In other words, up that Release if you're going to 
rebuild, don't just rebuild.

This process should really just be one of courtesy and sanity. We 
are happy to work with Red Hat employees, but it really looks bad 
when Red Hat doesn't want to work with us.

Konstantin Ryabitsev
McGill University WSG
Montréal, Québec

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