Proposed changes to Fedora Legacy Project

Michael Favia michael.favia at
Wed Jan 18 22:10:06 UTC 2006

Jesse Keating wrote:
> Discontinue the use of 'End of Life'.  This term is very misleading.  A
> core release that Fedora Legacy maintains is not End of Life, it is just
> maintained by different folks.  Instead one can use the term
> 'maintenance mode'.  When a give Fedora Core release enters "maintenance
> mode", Fedora Legacy, the Community Maintenance Project, will take over
> maintenance of the release for Security issues.

EOL is pretty "de facto" imo but perhaps "community maintenance mode" is 
a better descriptor because it is always only in "maintenance mode" 
after initial release as far as I understand. Otherwise, i think the 
changes send the right message to the community without getting terribly 
pedantic. I also champion the inclusion of the legacy key with the 
distro because i think it is asking a lot of the user base to have them 
"hand configure" their package management tool just to maintain updates 
that are already "blessed" official. -mf

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