Proposed changes to Fedora Legacy Project

Jesse Keating jkeating at
Thu Jan 19 18:32:43 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-01-19 at 13:20 +0200, Gilboa Davara wrote:
> Why not just "Fedora Community Maintenance Project" (As Rhaul originally
> suggested?)

See my other comment about changing the name.
> > 
> > Inclusion of Legacy repository and key information in the Core release.
> > This will allow update programs which make use of yum to not need any
> > changes once a release enters maintenance mode.
> Good idea.
> Any chance that it'll make it into FC5 release and/or push it as an
> upgrade to FC4?

I'm working to get it in FC5.  I doubt it'll make it into FC4, but I'll

> > 
> > Package updates produced by Legacy published to fedora-list and
> > fedora-announce-list.  This keeps our updates in the eyes of users
> > without them having to subscribe to a new list.  Release emails should
> > use the same or similar format that current Fedora update emails use.
> BTW, might sound OT. But if legacy sends announcement to -list, why
> doesn't core do the same?  (At least I didn't see any... only in
> -testing)

The update package emails I looked at cc'd fedora-list.  Only the
testing ones just go to testing.

> > 
> > Other changes that I see necessary moving forward:
> > 
> > Discontinue website and integrate content into the
> > Fedora Project wiki.  Some of this has happened already, the rest needs
> > to happen.  This will make it much easier for us to make changes to our
> > content, such as adding information about FC3
> Good idea.
> BTW, There's no message in about the FC3 hand-over.

Yep, I've been quite busy and haven't nailed down the exact changes to
make.  I know what NEEDS to be changed, just not everything to change it

> BTW, do you plan to limit legacy to security maintenance?

Legacy has always been about security.  I've used the term 'severe
bugfix' but in reality there aren't anything severe left after we take
maintainership of a release.  And if it is severe enough it is usually
considered a local DoS and thus security of sorts.

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