libtrash in fedora Core 5

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Fri Jan 20 14:41:32 UTC 2006

> But I do not use the GNOME or KDE Desktop System. I am NOT using
> konqueror, I am using the xterm, or the console or the gnome-terminal.
> Fedora is not only for Desktop sytems (you can install it without GNOME,
> KDE and even without X), it is still very often used for server systems -
> and there I do not have a Trash. I think the GNOME or KDE Trash is on the
> false level. The trash should be global for all unlink() system calls. The
> GNOME Trash could show the libtrash folder and work with that direcotry.

As was mentioned before, libtrash sounds like a good candidate for Extras.
 Not everyone is going to want this functionality, so it is good to give
users the choice of installing it.  Extras would accomplish that quite

To solve your immediate need, you can alias rm to mv or something similar.


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