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Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Mon Jan 23 18:42:27 UTC 2006

Jesse Keating wrote:

>On Sun, 2006-01-22 at 17:46 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>>Very true. We shouldnt be over blowing the importance of core. Do file a 
>>bug report against the specific package and highlight the rationale. 
>But what about once you put Extras on there?  No longer is it just
>Fedora Core.  This is why I've been keeping the 'Fedora Linux' naming
>scheme on my backburner. 
I dont particularly like Fedora Linux. When Fedora Foundation becomes a 
more public reality whats stopping someone from proposing a sub project 
for the BSD's or Solaris with Fedora user space. Dont even bother to ask 
why anyone would want that. Stranger things have happened before.


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