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Re: OOo documents look different

Le lundi 10 juillet 2006 à 18:36 +0200, Erwin Rol a écrit :
> When a ODF document is suppose
> to be the new hype for document management all over the world and for
> all times there better be programs that can actually display the
> documents correctly in a few years on different platforms. As it is now
> it is not even possible after a few months on the same platform.

The document *is* displaying correctly. Unless you've explicitely
specified "it must fit on X pages" somewhere (and current OO.o does not
allow this) *nothing* will ensure its pagination does not change
slightly over time. The first thing OO.o or Office do when loading a doc
is to repaginate it, precisely because font sizes are not invariants.

You want pixel or page-perfect rendering you export your doc as PDF with
embedded fonts. Or you make OO.o implement fixed-number-of-pages

The sad thing is people don't care about what you're asking - if they
did word processing would not have rolled over DTP in the last decade.
In a word processing context all you have is a text flow (as in

> And before someone says this is an OOo problem and not a fedora problem,
> than it should also display incorrect on Windows and that's not the
> case, on windows the documents look correct. 

You write the document in Fedora with Fedora fonts you'll see if it
displays correctly on windows.

Nicolas Mailhot

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