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Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

I think that people interested on propietary drivers breakage should create a group to test and put the results of testings on a blog

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Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 9:19:24 AM
Subject: Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

Denis Leroy wrote:

> We are not talking about a formal test process. But if we do have the
> information (about an update breaking a popular proprietary package), I
> don't see why we should intentionally withhold it.

Go ahead and announce it. From the Fedora perspective, it doesnt matter.
Users cannot expect Fedora developers to test and announce breakages on
proprietary software and if we are not going to do it consistently, we
shouldnt be do this at all.

> Also, if we have a group of volunteers willing to test popular
> proprietary packages (PPPs), I also don't see how it hurts anyone. I do
> use VMWare extensively for all my OSS development and packaging,
> certainly I'm willing to test new kernel update candidates...

Feel free to do so but if we are having so much volunteers around, we
could use some more testing and triaging on our test releases and
updates before we worry about third party components.


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