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Re: Pull off AIGLX repoistory?

alan wrote:
On Wed, 26 Jul 2006, Rahul wrote:

dragoran wrote:
Rahul wrote:
dragoran wrote:

but this should not stop you from realeasing xorg-7.1
if someone for (whatever reason) don't wont to use it they should still wait until updated drivers are available. but we should atleast inform user that the new X will break their drivers (fedoranews)
but silently break things _is_ wrong

Should we also put out notices every time a kernel updates breaks non-free third party kernel modules?

if we know that it will break a module that many users use than why not?

We dont test out proprietary software against any update produced by Fedora. Why should Xorg or kernel updates be a exception?

We should at least warn people when we know there is going to be a problem.

Just so that I understand the suggestion better. When we know there is a potential breakage for third party components which is almost always a possibility on any major update, we should warn people by a note in the in the fedora-package-announce list? How many people are going to notice that? What if they simply run Pup or Yum update or even set the automated updates cron job? Wouldnt such announcements on occasions cause people to rely on us to test and figure out what when its going to break and warn them?

The only way to reduce any breakages such as this is not release major updates at all.


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