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Re: Leaving?


> I think that people using Binary Drivers have the knowledge to modify
> xorg.conf and change nvidia to nv if their systems break before xorg
> update.

They don't and that's the point. To say that they have that knowledge is
wrong. Some may; to assume that all who use binary drives will know what
to do is wrong.

If the Noblets is using FC6 and install the binary ATI or nVidia driver
so little Jimmy can play UT2004 or Doom3 or <insert another game which
needs 3D acceleration>, they know the driver will work for the current
set up. Not the current kernel, but the current set up. There is a big

They download the xorg updates with a new kernel and bang, desktop gone.
Not even a safemode to boot to. They start fretting and go back over to
the darkside "where at least I can go in as Admin, safe mode boot and
download/install the latest nVidia driver and get things going again -
none of this low level arsing about".

A big warning needs to appear on yum/yumex/pup/RHN when something is
going to stop a binary only driver from working which will automatically
disable downloading the bit which breaks the driver if the user doesn't
want it.

> Xorg must to be updated like another pieces of Fedora. This can't be
> the exception. Think in kernel and you have the answer.
> IMHO this will help to improve the time of Nvidia and ATI to release
> drivers for Xorg 7.1

And how long was it before nVidia released a driver which understood how
xorg was set up as opposed to how x11r6 was set?

No. Things have to move forward. If we have the failsafe in place that
stops the breakage, then users are protected should they need to be.


"Logic, my dear Zoe, is merely the ability to be wrong with authority" -
Dr Who

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