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Re: Leaving? (cont'd)

First of all, I would like to apologize for breaking the thread, but
this thread has been longer than most "top posting" flaming threads.
Also, I do not feel as qualified to comment on the same level as the
many others on this list. I am speaking a full time Fedora user who
only boots Windows to play one game, "Age of Empires 3". And that is
actual of relevance. I am generally a "no games on my computer" kind
of guy, the reasoning for me playing this game is a bit too offtopic
to go into, but I got an Nvidia card with enough juice. When I fist
installed FC5 on said machine, I realised the hardware power the
machine, and thought it a shame to waste since KDE could have use for
it. So for the first time I installed a binary driver on my Fedora
Core desktop, so it seems that I will be directly affected by the
outcome of this ongoing war.

Back in FC4 I think it was, a newer vesion of KDE came out
approximately halfway though the Fedora life which fixed at least
three problems that I (and others I am sure) had which had rendered
serveral applications useless. So for half of a Fedora an update was
_not_ made as I was told it was a general policy not to do major
updates within a realse cycle.

Similarly, when MySQL jumped to 4.1 I think it was, Fedora stayed with
4.0 for the entire release cycle, for apperently no reason other than
the no major update policy.

So how is it, that now when a major update, mid life cycle, which is
known to cause problems is getting considered to the point of all
these bad vibes. We the users have waited for updates before. I
haven't been able to use and .17 kernel released by Fedora: I filed a
bug report, but I am pretty sure no one cares. To break my system,
would be wholey unfair, it has worked so well (aside from the kernel)

From my admittedly limited understanding of the problem, this seems to
be little more than a programming problem. The parameters that would
cause breakage seem to be known  by you guy. RPM supports the use of
post and pre scripts, can't these be used to go around this problme?

If not, why not do parallel releases. I seem to remember this being
done for at least gstreamer. have the xorg packages, and parallel
xorg71 packages. Those who need the 7.1 updates, can switch over to
xorg71, the rest of us will continue as normal, and hopefully, the
entire issue will be resolved by FC6.

If there can be no mutual solution can be arrived at, I vote for the
potetially selfish way of just not doing the update.

What ever you all do, please try to contain yourselves, Fedora already
has a not so good impression among the Slashdot type crowd, for
whatever that is worse. Issues like this, if prolonged will be no good
for anyone.

And to those that say yum needs fixing, I totally agree, there are
"features" and design decisions that in my humble opinion, need
adding/fixing. Other's have already pointed some issues out.

Peace to all.

To be updated...

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