Fedora Test Project

David david.jamison1 at ntlworld.com
Mon Jun 12 17:36:57 UTC 2006

Im afraid I also find myself a little bit confused as to how everything 
all fits together.

There is a description of of testing a la open source here 
and a short discussion of dogtail here 
Im presuming testers should really decamp to the mailing lists and forum 
on 108??

Where it all goes from there im not quite sure!!!!

Is there going to be a coordinated effort to pull all Fedora testing 
activites on to the 108 site?
Are developers going to ask for testers to work with them on the 
software they develop
Is there going to be a listing of software that requires testing

I note the following from an article at 

Jay Turner, manager of quality engineering at Red Hat, explained in the 
keynote that Enterprise Linux 4 Update 3 had 1,600 packages, which is 
comprised of 250,128 unique files and over 63 million lines of code. 
This code is translated into 15 different languages and is certified to 
run on seven different processor architectures and with software from 
over 500 different partners. "Software testing is a difficult 
proposition," explained Turner. "Open source software testing is 
extreme." The only way that Red Hat has been able to cope with this 
broad array of hardware and software--which it claims is the most broad 
in the world--is to automate certification and testing to a high degree. 
In fact, during a six-month development, Red Hat runs hundreds to 
thousands of compatibility tests on tweaked software each night.

So again im presuming tht there is a significant testing effort within 
Red Hat/Fedora?? 
How is this all going to be coordinated and managed so that someone 
somewhere is sitting doing a lot of testing which has the potential to 
be either duplication or just be lost in the morass!

Any pointers here would be great



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