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teTeX upstream not maintained any more, what next?

Hi all,

Thomas Esser announced that there will be no upstream release of teTeX
any more and suggested that people interested in teTeX should use TeX
Live instead. The announce for it is placed on the official teTeX


The question is what to do now with the teTeX we have in Fedora.
Michael A. Peters announced to me that he has started to create TeX Live
clone as a replacement for the abandoned teTeX intended to replace teTeX
in Fedora:


The main issue while adopting TeX Live is that it has pretty huge texmf
tree and many duplicities in documentation (PDF, DVI and PS files
present in the same time for some styles...). The original teTeX kept
more minimalistic variant of the texmf tree so I wrote Michael that we
might consider replacing teTeX if the total size of the texjive packages
will be less or equal to the current size of teTeX. Otherwise we'll
choose another way how to replace teTeX.

Because of this, not all styles/fonts will be probably shipped in the
new TeX variant in Core so the rest will be in Extras. At this point I'd
love to have a feedback from you guys what styles/fonts you want to have
in Core and which are better to be stored in Extras. It's the right time
to discuss it now as we might want to have teTeX replaced prior to FC6

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Jindrich Novy <jnovy redhat com>

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