Kernel Modules in Fedora (was: kqemu inclusion in kernel)

Kelly lightsolphoenix at
Fri Aug 3 14:35:58 UTC 2007

On Thursday, August 02, 2007 7:15 pm Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> I'm confused.... on my f7 system dkms is listed as available from yum.

You're right; it is.  Okay, then I'm going to rephrase this:

Why can't kqemu be included in main as a DKMS module?  It's already in 
FreshRPMs that way, and it seems to me that would be a more effective way of 
dealing with it than to directly embed it in the kernel (since it would allow 
kqemu to be upgraded separate from the kernel itself, and make kernel 
debugging easier).

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