RFC for Smolt features

Yaakov Nemoy loupgaroublond at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 04:05:05 UTC 2007

Hey List,

After thinking it over, I've decided that having a Privacy Policy for
Smolt would be a great experiment as a community process.  The rules
are pretty simple.  Mike McGrath is a BDFL (That is not a Braised Duck
avec Foie gras sous Liqueur', as tasty as it might sound.)  Decisions
tend to get made by the people coding, but we are looking for input to
see what people want out of Smolt.  This way, we know what kind of
information gathering is desired, and which kinds are considered too

So I present two RFCs to you guys.

The first is the actual Privacy Policy, which can be found here:
https://fedorahosted.org/smolt/wiki/PrivacyPolicy  It needs legal
review, and has the word Fedora in it way too much.  I think I might
have been a bit to detail oriented, even for a New Englander, but I
hope it agrees with everyone.  Please remember to direct all your
flames to noone at cares.com ;-)

Second is a request for a feature that came in today.  One of the
developers of kerneloops http://kerneloops.org/ wants to integrate
kerneloops and smolt.  kerneloops.org maintains a similar privacy
policy to that of smolts.org, namely, they do not store IP address
information.  All submissions are anonymous.

The integration would try to maintain anonymity as much as possible.
Smolt would generate a secondary public UUID that is not
mathematically related to the primary UUID.  (They should both be
random actually.)  In technical terms, it would be the join key
between a kerneloops.org record and a smolts.org record.  In non
technical terms, a kerneloops.org user could click on a link 'show me
the hardware' and be directed to a smolts.org site with that hardware

Just as Smolt is an opt-in process, we would include a second opt-in
for kerneloops.  The rules would be the same.  The only technical
concern is that there would have to be some kerneloops related code
embedded in firstboot.  If Release People don't want to make this a
standard package on every install, we'll have to do a bit of funny
hacking, but let us know what we can do.

So those are the two new RFCs.


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