rsyslog is in F8

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Wed Jul 18 11:36:11 UTC 2007

Manuel Wolfshant wrote:
> Peter Vrabec wrote:
>> Since we replace sysklogd in rawhide and rsyslogd will be installed 
>> during fresh
>> F8 installation I don't see this is a big problem.
>    You make the assumption that rawhide users will know about the 
> replacement and activate rsyslogd manually. I bet most of them will 
> blindly do yum -y update <insert your favorite other options here> and 
> cry afterwards. Do not assume that they are subscribed to fedora mailing 
> lists. Most of them are not. Or at least almost none of those I 
> personally know in the RLUG community, to be more correct.

I don't see this as a huge problem, this is rawhide, it it expected to 
kill your cat and eat your goldfish and from time to time it will even 
upgrade some components (kernel etc.) requiring you a reboot.

PS: usually, I would have not interfered in this thread, but you baited 
me with the RLUG reference :p

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