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Re: The updates firehose

On 6/9/07, Christopher Blizzard <blizzard redhat com> wrote:
We're not RHEL.  If an update is a good one I would rather have it go
out than not.

As a maintainer, I'd appreciate some reasonable best practices to
consider when pushing an update however. Guidance easily found to read
over when interacting with bodhi.  If I've got a bug report for a
missing dep at the packaging level for example, is it worth pushing?
Are all patchable non-crasher non-security application bugs worth
pushing as individual updates or is it better to sit on some of them,
do a build in koji and let the original reporter eat the koji package
if possible?

On a less personal perspective.. i wonder about unity re-spins. Would
re-spins be easier or harder for unity to do if we attempted to stage
updates in periodically produced lumps (in a consensus sort of
gentlemanly, we'll try real hard but we aren't going to hold anyone's
feet to the fire sort of way.)

-jef"Do we have stats on relative number of updates compared to the
number of new components entering the tree"spaleta

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