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Changing default syslog package


I wanted to bring an issue up so that everyone knows about a change that we would
like to make regarding system logging. As you may (or may not) know, sysklogd
upstream seems dead with no new developments being released. However, there is a
lot of new features that people would like to have and are asking for:

 1) TCP based network transport for log messages.
 2) Secure transport over the network.
 3) A realtime analysis framework for logmessages (e.g. to launch programs on
 4) Database backend.
 5) Rule (pattern) based de-multiplexing of log messages (e.g. logging to
different files based on regexp).
 6) Backward compatibility with existing syslog configuration

We looked at several packages to be the new default syslog daemon. The one that
comes the closest is rsyslog. It has an active upstream and it is backwards
compatible since its forked from the current default daemon. It has a bunch of
features that you may want to look at:


The package has just passed a Fedora Review, bz 243831. Its feature for feature
compatible with the old sysklogd. And you should not notice a change in service.
But what you will get is a syslog daemon that has advanced features and is
actively being maintained and will be getting even more capabilities.

As for the mechanics of making this happen, how should we go about switching out
syslog daemons? IOW, should we put an obsoletes statement in the specfile now.
And would we want to go ahead with the switchout in rawhide now?


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