KDE alpha 1 packages for Fedora?

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Thu May 3 14:35:17 UTC 2007

Christopher Aillon wrote:

> What we don't want are alphas or betas or random cvs snapshots in a 
> final release.

What it is actually called is fairly meaningless. Linus always call the 
kernel pre stable releases as rc's. Fedora has included openoffice.org 
2.0 "milestone" release, gaim 2.0 beta, dovecot beta etc in general 
releases of Fedora before. Not to mention the gcc release from Red Hat 
Linux days .

What really matters is how much testing that particular software got 
externally and in a Fedora environment, upstream and developer 
coordination etc. Sometimes alphas or betas or random cvs snapshots are 
much more stable than the previously supposedly stable release and is 
even recommended by upstream in some instances.


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