Making beagle optional

David Nielsen david at
Tue May 15 15:00:57 UTC 2007

tir, 15 05 2007 kl. 11:21 +0200, skrev Matej Cepl:
> On 2007-05-14, 23:33 GMT, David Nielsen wrote:
> > I think it might be good if someone started helping Alex with 
> > beagle maintainership so we could ensure quick pushes of new 
> > updates as bugs are fixed.
> I am not sure, whether Alex had it on his mind, but I am afraid, 
> one of the reasons why there is insufficient support for beagle 
> is that the idea of Mono doesn't look that great lately. I think 
> that advantage of other search engines (tracker, strigi, 
> something based on JLucene) is that they don't require Mono.

While I understand that it is all the fad to blame Mono for all the
evils in the world including the lack of lasting peace in the middle
east but that's simply not true.

The problem is the data parsers and it's caused by insufficent care in
design and the lack of good input fuzzing in terms to testing. There's
also a terrible design problem seeing as Beagle is made to get stuck on
a file it can't parse instead of dropping it after a while and logging
the problem for the user to report.

Luckily Beagle has very good documentation to help users help the
developers. I wish more developers would take the time to write up a
page explaining how to extract the information they need, it saves so
much time.

- David
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