What's with Nautilus?

David Timms dtimms at iinet.net.au
Fri May 25 11:31:38 UTC 2007

J French wrote:
> Next up - Nautilus again: I do A LOT of development in quite a few 
> different languages. If I try to just double click, for instance, an sql 
> dump, I get errors like "this is a VHDL document and requires that 
> extension". Or, if I open a php script that happens to contain only 
> HTML, I get "this looks like HTML rather than PHP". Why does Nautilus 
> care? These are raw text files, which gedit is perfectly capable of 
> handling. In fact, should you attempt to open a binary file through 
> gedit (the only time this should matter), gedit will kindly tell you as 
> much. Am I really expected to go through everyone's files and assign the 
> extensions Nautilus expects just to get around having to go Open With 
> and, sometimes even have to choose Text Editor from "Other 
> Applications"? I can understand this behavior for binary files, but 
> that's not what I'm talking about here.
Also, gedit will reject many of the text config file in /etc/** I think 
because file provides the type incorrectly.

I have definitely noticed this annoyance in fedora 6.

How can I {or better we=fedora} make Gedit the default for pure text 
files whenever there is not a more specific handler ?
How can we make right-click "Open in gedit" available on every file ?
How can we make right-click "Open in ghex" available on every file ?
How can we make gedit open files that might contain some stray non-text 
characters, but are essentially text files ?
I can understand code has been tidied up to not allow what you could 
previously do, but these were very useful time-saving features.


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