Martin Papadopoulos root at martin-papadopoulos.de
Fri May 25 21:05:06 UTC 2007

eric magaoay schrieb:
> Martin Papadopoulos wrote:
>> another problem with pxe and f7 rc2
>> i tested under vmware with scsi disk as hard drive ( not ide ) and
>> anaconda says it can't find any disks.
>> maybe the scsi driver is missing in vmlinuz or in the initrd ?
>> greetz
>> martin papadopoulos
> Yes, you are missing the scsi driver that is specific to your hard
> drive. You will probably need to build a custom boot kernel to build
> and load the driver during boot time, or just load the specific scsi
> module during boot time.
> eric
what is the suggested method here, rebuilding the kernel or mkinitrd ?
never done any of them under fedora. is there a howto on this ?


martin papadopoulos
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