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Making Fedora a contributer friendly environment (Re: Selinux and package guidelines)

David Woodhouse wrote:
On Sun, 2007-05-06 at 20:55 +0200, Hans de Goede wrote:
I for one have made sure all my packages work well with selinux targeted policy in enforcing mode, and I've written patches for other peoples packages too. I've even written for example textrel patches for SDL, but the @redhat.com maintainer doesn't want to apply them.

That's very commendable.

Are you suggesting that _everyone_ does this, and that there's no _need_
for us to say anything about SElinux in the review guidelines because
_everyone_ is already as conscientious as you?

Quoting the first paragraph of my mail, which contains the real message:
"I'm getting very tired of these generalism's of you. Most of us are not just volunteers, but even hard working volunteers. Terms like packaging monkeys, and dumping, are not nice descriptions of, and show no respect for, all the hard working people behind Fedora."

I've no problems with writing something about SELinux in the guidelines, although you should realise, that handling selinux requires a certain amount of knowledge I'm pretty sure not everyone has, so making this a hard requirement will exclude about 99% of our current packagers.

But as I tried to already make clear by quoting the first paragraph of my previous mail. The SELinux guidelines is not why I responded, the reason I responded was the tone of the mail, and more general the tone of your mails in general. Please quit calling valuable volunteer contributers as "package monkeys", and stop accusing them of "dumping stuff onto other people".

So in the future please refrain from such generalisms, an show some respect, or even better show others the respect you expect them to show for you.

You seem to be picking holes in terminology and making invalid
assumptions about my feelings, instead of talking about the issue at
hand. Please don't.

I wasn't talking about the issue at hand (Selinux guidelines), I was talking about an entirely other issue, the selinux thread just happened to trigger me to say something of the unpleasant tone of many of your mails and the lack of respect this shows for Fedora contributers (like me). I've changed the subject to reflect this.



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