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Re: Bug #372011 (or: how we could help with anaconda beta tests)

Dmitry Butskoy wrote:
Martin Marques wrote:
One thing that's clear is that anaconda QA missed some key spots, and
also that we (users) didn't help much on the process, allowing the bugs
to remain hidden until the version was officially released, which led to
a lot of stress among users and developers.

The problem is that most users don't have time and resources to test
twice a year a new release. 6 months for development+beta testing+RC
testing is just too little.

It seems that someone in a marketing department assumed that people will be frightened by 6 month cycle and will *buy* more stable distribution kit (RHEL) instead.

Red Hat Linux itself followed a similar release schedule so this has nothing to do with Fedora/RHEL split. Besides you can't explain various other distribution that have a 6 month release cycle this way. Answer lies in rest of the upstream software including GNOME which follow this release schedule and user demands for those software which are usually too intrusive to include as updates in a general release.


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