RFC: Naming guidelines for packages extending GIMP

Nils Philippsen nphilipp at redhat.com
Wed Sep 5 09:28:50 UTC 2007


during the review of the resynthesizer plugin for GIMP
[ https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=250210 ], I asked the
package to be named "gimp-plugin-resynthesizer" rather than
"gimp-resynthesizer". Ewan brought up the point that there isn't really
a naming guideline for it, therefore I'd like to propose one:

For packages specific to GIMP (i.e. not just extensions of a separate
application like xsane, ufraw):

Plugins and scripts(*): "gimp-plugin-<name>"
Patterns: "gimp-pattern-<name>"
Brushes: "gimp-brush-<name>"
Themes: "gimp-theme-<name>"

If a package provides several distinct features that have value of their
own (use your own discretion on that), it must ship them as separate
subpackages. In that case, the source package is named
"gimp-extension-<collectionname>" where <collectionname> is a sensible
name for the collection (see examples).

That's all of the different kinds of extensions for GIMP I can think
about right now, feel free to add to the list ;-). For packages that
contain e.g. a plugin and some brushes, I would separate them into
subpackages if it is sensible to do so. If not, I would name the package
after the main feature (in this case, likely "gimp-plugin-..."

(*): the differences between gimp plugins and scripts are more and more
blurred. For instance, gimp-2.4 has all these in the "Filters" menu,
there's no separate Script-Fu menu anymore. I'm open to calling these
"gimp-filter(s)-..." but I guess that doesn't cover plugins that render
new content (i.e. not filtering existing images) IMO.

For packages not specific to GIMP, i.e. subpackages of otherwise
separate packages (e.g. xsane, ufraw):

Plugins and scripts: "<name>-gimp-plugin"
Patterns: "<name>gimp-pattern"

and so forth. Their source packages are of course named after their main


- "gimp-plugin-resynthesizer": one plugin, two additional, non-distinct
scripts (this one actually exists)
- "gimp-extension-underwater" (SRPM) -> "gimp-plugin-removetheblue",
"gimp-plugin-removetheflashspeckles": two thematically related, but
distinct plugins
- "gimp-plugin-flowers": plugin to generate flowers with associated
brushes and patterns (that provide little value separate from the

- "xsane" -> "xsane-gimp-plugin"
- "ufraw" -> "ufraw-gimp-plugin"

Note that I haven't renamed the latter two yet, I want to await the
results of the discussion first.

Please comment.

Ewan also expressed concern about the proliferation of package specific
naming guidelines. Tell me what you think about that as well.

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