Windows based installation of Fedora Linux?

Ago agostino.russo at
Thu Sep 13 14:36:16 UTC 2007

King InuYasha <ngompa13 <at>> writes:

> Perhaps then, if someone with the skill to work on the Linux side of the 
stuff can figure out how to solve some of the issues, the patches could be sent 
into the upstream for affected components, and I do have some knowledge of 
NSIS, but Wubi code is somewhat difficult for me to sift through.... So how 
does the latest version of the installer work exactly? I am somewhat confused 

Please see the other post for how it works. Feel free to ask if you need more 

Some front-end related projects: 

* Find a reliable way to map windows drives to linux devices
* Make wubi code distro-neutral and easy to rebrand
* Improve detection of relevant windows settings (detect screen 
readers/accessibility options, improve timezone detection, current screen 
* Improve downloader. The current metadl library already supports download 
resume, metalinks and partial checksums. But the mirror selector is too basic 
(random choice). The library is being rewritten in c++ to add segmented 
downloads. Hampus Wessman is working on it, but he could probably do with some 
* Improve skin (ExperienceUI?)
* Code clean-up / refactoring 
* Change interface language at runtime
* Change branding at runtime

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