bodhi interface changes

Till Maas opensource at
Wed Sep 19 17:41:12 UTC 2007

On Mi September 19 2007, Luke Macken wrote:

> pushed for in the New Update Form -- which will let us remove the release
> dropdown[0], and auto-complete *only* builds that *can* be pushed for that
> specific release.

> I wanted to run this by everyone, to avoid any OMGWTFREGRESSION!1 emails,
> and to see if anyone has any comments/suggestions/oppositions.

Imho there should be also a way to createa an update for two releases at once. 
E.g. when Fedora 8 is out, and a package is updated for it, often there will 
be the same update for Fedora 7. It seems that this was easier possible with 
the old interface, because one should be able to just go back and change the 
release and the build, but keep the bugs / cves and notice. But for a 
complete support of "identical" updates for two releases, I guess there needs 
to be changed a lot more, anyway, e.g. when one wants to edit both updates.

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