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Richi Plana myfedora at
Fri Sep 21 16:50:48 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-09-21 at 18:06 +0200, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> You want to insert another layer between installing system components
> and making them available system-wide after installation? Or a layer
> between the depsolver and the transaction set? Like "repo offers
> libfoo-2.0-1 and libfoo2-2.0-1, and user can choose either one or even
> both, and decide which to make available to apps"? Or you want
> packages to switch back and forth automatically between alternative
> implementations of the same interface? Redundancy instead of reuse. We
> don't talk about the same problem, I'm afraid. It is beyond my time to
> extend this thread much further and in pure text form into something
> completely theoretical that would require fundamental changes to the
> RPM dependencies system.

You're right. I wasn't talking about the general case. I was postulating
things for people who actually might find systems like that useful. I'm
actually thankful that alternatives exist and am glad that no one has
argued to have it removed with the argument that only one system should
ever exist.

I am not arguing for time and effort be contributed to catering to this
particular endeavor. I just ask that if something is useful to other
people and not to others, then people should refrain from making
non-constructive remarks. If people actually find it useful and worth
discussing, then the thread will grow at its pace. If not, then just let
it die out.

As for myself, I asked if anyone knows how to change a process's
environment variable from outside that process. Or if there are other
ways to effect a change in the run-time linker behavior for currently
running processes (like shells) that might spawn new processes.

Perhaps fedora-devel isn't the appropriate list, but it does have the
best people to answer. I've seen worse off-topic and non-technical
discussions grow on the list. At least the questions I ask might be
useful to some people or the general public sometime down the line.

Richi Plana

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