Summary of the 2008-04-01 Packaging Committee meeting

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at
Wed Apr 2 18:42:38 UTC 2008

Meeting minutes and full logs of the packaging committee meeting which
occurred on 2008-04-01 are online:

Executive summary:

The following drafts are now official guidelines, having been accepted
by FESCO last week:

 * ASCII Naming Guidelines:
 * New Perl Guidelines:
 * extensions guidelines:

These should be written into the guidelines soon if this hasn't
already been done by the time you read this.

Issues pending FESCO ratification:

Java guidelines
  * This is the first vote for this draft, but it's the culmination of
    significant work and discussion
  * Accepted (5 - 1)

* SysV-style initscript guidelines
  * This is a new draft this week
  * Accepted (6 - 0)

* Eclipse plugin guidelines
  * This was previously discussed and withdrawn at a previous meeting
    and is back up for a vote.
  * Accepted (6 - 0)

* Guidelines for the use of GCJ in Java packages
  * A new submission this week; the Java guidelines refer to it.
  * Accepted (5 - 0)

Misc business:

 * FPC will meet again April 8, and will then hopefully return to
   meeting every other week.

 - J<

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