upcoming varnish-2.0, or running a test suite that starts and connects to a daemon

Ingvar Hagelund ingvar at linpro.no
Fri Aug 22 11:13:52 UTC 2008

varnish is a high performance http accellerator.

This is a posting about packaging varnish-2.0-prebeta-something. It is
also a posting about strange behaviour in rpmbuild.

It has been a while since varnish-1.1.x was submitted to Fedora, and a
lot of people have asked for newer versions. Now, 2.0 is only a few days
(read weeks) from release, and tech previews and betas are more or less
available. So, I have started touching up the specfile for a Fedora
release. I will probably submit the first public beta to rawhide, and
perhaps push it for EPEL, and follow upstream till and through 2.0.

In the following, the source used is a tarball from a svn checkout from
trunk, generated for example like this:

svn co http://varnish.projects.linpro.no/svn/trunk/varnish-cache
tar cvzf varnish-cache.tar.gz varnish-cache

The specfile used is based on the one used in Fedora for 1.1.x. It can
be downloaded here:

Per default, it builds a working pre-alpha version of varnish 2.0.

varnish-2.0 has a test suite. It is ran by 'make check'.  The test suite
runs a series of tests that checks if the build works as expected. Most
of the tests starts a server at port 9080 and 9081, and runs some tests
against the ports, parsing the output.

Now, running 'make check' from a interactive shell on a Fedora 9 system
works more or less as it should. It fails on one of the 72 tests on my
intel/i386 box, and passes all the testes on my AMD based box. That is
food for the upstream guys.

But when I run the test suite from within rpmbuild, most of the tests
fails or hangs every time, and the problem seems to be related to some
missing communication between the test scripts and the test server process.

The problem is not related to selinux.

Is it possible at all to run this kind of tests from within rpmbuild?

If so, I would be grateful if someone gave advice and/or had a look at
the problem. The make check command is ready for decommenting in the


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