Feature proposal: New, Standard Documentation System

Gergely Buday gbuday at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 16:29:57 UTC 2008

Basil Mohamed Gohar

> If someone could setup a SIG for man page conversion or just leverage
> the documentation team and make a focus on teaching how to do man pages,
> I could see this bits of this task being chipped away significantly on
> the road to F11.  I know that I'm definitely leaning towards the idea of
> writing one or two man pages, because I've run into the missing-man-page
> problem too often.

I do not have the time this week being ill but am willing to do this.
Could anyone please point me to a corner of Fedora wiki that would be
suitable for such a page? OK I can create a page on my own with a name
of my like, but where to put links?

- Gergely

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