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Re: The looming Python 3(000) monster

James Antill wrote:
On Fri, 2008-12-05 at 20:45 +0200, Basil Mohamed Gohar wrote:

It would be very hard to write 2.6 code that is completely compatible
with 3.0, because 3.0 has changed many fundamental language constructs,
including even the "print" statement, which in 3.0 is a function (syntax

I am not sure how far the from __future__ import feature will work for
such changes as that.


from __future__ import print_function

...can everyone who isn't involved in writing python code, and/or not
read about 2.6 / 3.0 before this thread please not comment?

Not defined in older versions of python however, hence the need to branch code, hence a problem with EPEL supporting code.


 As Toshio Kuratomi said extremely well, in the grand parent to this

        Note that I think this decision is only partially within the
        powers of the Fedora Project to decide.  If 80% of our upstream
        libraries move to py3, we'll need to move to py3 sooner.  If 80%
        refuse to move off of py2, we can take our time working on
        migration code.

...so as I said, we don't have concrete plans yet ... and some of that
is because it depends on available resources within the project, but a
lot of that is because we have to follow upstream and it's not obvious
how fast (the majority of) python developers upstream will move.

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