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Re: Fedora 10 - Boot Analysis

Les Mikesell wrote:

> (b) making sleep/hibernate reliable is what laptop users
> need instead of booting all the time anyway because it is much faster if
> you can simply close the lid and open it later with all your apps
> working as you left them.

This is actually the strongest argument against spending a lot of resources on
going sub 20 seconds.  If Vista-style suspend-to-both works reliably, there is
no reason to turn a machine off at all.

That said, doesn't mean we shouldn't clean up cruft.

Hans de Goede wrote:

> 2) Load some services after gdm is up, for example cron, anacron, at,
> setroubleshootd

Please, no setroubleshootd by default.  What's the point?  Read section "The
rest" in my blog post:


Horst H. von Brand wrote:

>> how about not running a full MTA on a laptop/client install... at all?
> That works if you have reliable, continuous access to the 'net. Not my
> case, sorry.

Don't you have to configure the MTA if you want to use it?  I mean, when a
normal user configures Thunderbird/Evo/... it puts the SMTP address that their
mail provider gave them (smtp.gmail.com, etc), NOT localhost.  If you are an
advanced-enough user to set it to localhost and configure your MTA to point it
to your remote SMTP server, sure you don't mind a "yum install sendmail"
first, do you?

I always wondered what the point of having a mail server installed and started
by default is.  The only use I have found for it is to deliver reports to
root.  But on my typical Fedora installs (that is, anything other than
servers), I don't read root mail.  The default MTA is simply useless for
normal desktop/laptop machine unless you configure it.  As such, it should be
turned off by default, and hence removed from default install.

Not it surprises me that every time I suggest something should be turned off
by default, someone shouts "please, no, I use that!"...

Matej Cepl wrote:
> On 2008-12-16, 16:09 GMT, Peter Robinson wrote:
>> Nothing to say you can't re-enable it yourself. I don't have a
>> permanent connection to the net but evolution happily holds it in my
>> outbox until I go back online and can connect to a network. Fedora can
> I have a nasty surprise for you -- Fedora is not Windows, so it
> would is not only for people who use Evolution / Kmail
> / Thunderbird.

See above.  On a similar line of though, how about: "please install and enable
httpd, postgresql, and squid" by default because I use them...


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