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Re: Call for vote: Nautilus use Browser view for fedora 11

Les Mikesell wrote:
Jeff Spaleta wrote:

I think the proponents of change do a disservice to their chosen cause
in choosing the argumentation they have so far.  Trying to coerce a
change by hammering away with the blunt instruments of populism.  It's
not going to work. Coercion is the wrong method and populist arguments
are the wrong tool.  You have to persuade the decision-makers, and to
do that you have to understand how they prioritize and think.   The
art of persuasion is a subtle science. It's brain surgery, not to be
performed with the hammer or rhetoric or with the pitchforks and
torches  of populist appeal.   You have to crawl inside the heads of
the people whose minds you are looking to change, and think like them.

So what about simple logic:
The companies with big budgets already performed the due diligence that no one here is willing to do - and we can see they all made the same choice.

How about simplicity: You already know how to open one browser window. If you want two for drag/drop or copy/paste operations you don't need to do anything different, just do it again.

How about horrible user interface: in the spatial mode you have to use the middle mouse button all the time to get expected operation. Where's the middle mouse button on my laptop?
Just press left&right buttons together.
If You keep training for a few days You'll be able to trigger a middle-click 80% of the time.

But the worst part about this mess is the way the change in the default appeared in the first place. You make it sound like the burden should be on the people who want the current setting changed, but in fact it should never have been permitted in the first place.

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