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Re: Encrypted home directory

On Sun, 21 Dec 2008, David Nielsen wrote:

> I've been running using dm-crypt for a while now but it seems to me that
> when all I have is some photos and documents I don't want to fall into the
> wrong hands in case my machine is stolen, it's seems like overkill to
> encrypt everything.

The overkill is pretty minimal imho.

> Additionally it's some what cumbersome to have to unlock
> the drive during boot. 

don't you have the same issue with your homedir? I take it the password
for that should not be the same as your regular login password.

> Another problem might be the performance hit of full
> disk encryption on these low powered netbooks being unacceptable making
> those a good target for a more lightweight solution?

Using it on my thinkpad x61, I don't notice it impacting me at all. I
even run other VM's that are files on the crypted fs.


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