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Tomas Mraz tmraz at
Thu Feb 21 17:23:00 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-02-21 at 10:57 -0500, John Dennis wrote:
> All MUA's suck, it's just a question of which sucks less for a given 
> user/task.
> Between Evolution and Thunderbird I think Evolution is the clear winner 
> in terms of functionality and usability. The problem with Evolution is 
> its the most bug-ridden application I've ever used (Matt has been doing 
> a wonderful job of trying to fix things but it might be a losing 
> battle). When Evolution crashes/hangs finally pissed me off enough last 
> year I switched to Thunderbird. There are a *lot* of things about 
> Thunderbird I don't like, but it has one attribute I can't live without, 
> it doesn't hang or crash on a regular basis, so I'm now a reluctant TB user.

How much Evolution crashes highly depends on the usage patterns. For me
it almost completely stopped crashing after upgrade to Fedora 8. Not
that it is without other annoying problems but as for crashing it is
fine with my usage patterns.

Tomas Mraz
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