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Re: f8 gripe #3: infamous Load_Cycle_Count started hitting my laptop , FAQ?

On Mi Januar 2 2008, Douglas McClendon wrote:

> But the basic issue may still be relevant, which is that I don't really
> know why I need to run hdparm manually.  And back when I read all the
> ubuntu stuff relating to the issue, I ignored it after happily noticing
> my F7 wasn't affected (smartctl -i -a /dev/sda | grep -i cycle).
> Now that I hit it with F8, I notice it is so annoying that a single
> 'hdparm -B 254 /dev/sda' in rc.local isn't sufficient, because when I
> resume from hibernate/suspend, it starts incrementing relatively rapidly
> again.

Do you know how to query the value that needs to be passed to hdparm -B to 
keep the current situation? That would make it possible to store the value 
when suspending/hiberanting and restore it when resuming/thawing.
But better would be imho, when the drive would not forget the setting in the 
first place, maybe this happens because of a change in the kernel.


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