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Re: Linux is not about choice [was Re: Fedora too cutting edge?]

On 09.01.2008 21:58, Adam Jackson wrote:
>> Linux is about choice.
> [...]
> The complaints up-thread about juju and pulse are entirely valid, but
> the solution is not to try to deliver two things at once.

I agree with most of the things you said. In a ideal world there would
be no reason for some of the choices like juju or not. Juju afaics
solves a lot of problems and I agree that it's the way forward.

But we don't live in a ideal world and when we started shipping juju it
was not capable to do some things that were possible with the old stack.
 Some things more then a handful of users wanted to do, so lot of users
ran into trouble and had a hard a fight fixing it -- seems some people
(including Hans afaics, who's a developer with a lot of skills) got
confused/frustrated. That's bad for Fedoras reputing -- thus we should
avoid that if we want to be a serious distribution and more than a
beta-playground for RHEL (as that's how it feels from my point of view
due to things like this).

So that leaves two choices:

- we could have delayed juju until F8 (or even F9)
- we could have included juju in F7 (as we did) and made it optional
(either enabled or disabled by default)

I think the latter is the better solution and a serious option for one


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