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Re: Linux is not about choice [was Re: Fedora too cutting edge?]

On Thu, 2008-01-10 at 00:06 +0100, Patrice Dumas wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 09, 2008 at 05:54:51PM -0500, David Zeuthen wrote:
> > 
> > On Wed, 2008-01-09 at 23:47 +0100, Patrice Dumas wrote:
> > > Who 'essentially already posited that we have insufficient developer
> > > effort'? Who decided that, and for what task? Isn't the fedora 
> > > contributors time used like they want to? If there are three parts, 
> > > and three interactions but dozens of contributors willing to fix 
> > > them where is the issue?
> > 
> > One issue is that most packagers maintainers in the Fedora Project are
> > not code monkeys. 
> Do you have other words that would say the same, but understandable by a
> non native speaker...

I just meant that most (certainly not all) Fedora package maintainers
don't know how to write/debug code, create patches that will be accepted
upstream, understand complex interactions involving multiple packages
and processes (sometimes even user/kernel boundaries) and so on - you
know, what programmers do.

While this is probably fine for the majority of our packages (I mean,
it's perfectly fine to package software even if you can't program), it's
probably going to be a problem in situations like the proposed ones.


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