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Re: Disable Pulseaudio

Michel Salim wrote:
On Jan 25, 2008 7:03 PM, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn
<d jacobfeuerborn conversis de> wrote:
Since my ICE1712 based card stopped working with recent kernel/pulseaudio
version I'm trying to move to a plain ALSA setup again until the issue gets
attention (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=428537).
I removed the alsa-pulseaudio plugin but now when I try to play a file in
mplayer or audacious I get the following output:

alsa-lib: pcm.c:2106:(snd_pcm_open_conf) Cannot open shared library

It seems ALSA is still trying to get through pulseaudio but how do I turn
that off?

That is weird; the /etc/alsa/pulse-default.conf that tells ALSA to use
pulseaudio is part of alsa-plugins-pulseaudio, which you have removed.

Do you have anything in ~/.asoundrc ?

That was it. I think I created that file some time ago to get skype working but then forgot about it. Now alsa works as it should, thanks!

Now I just have to find out why pulseaudio from F8 works and 0.9.8 from rawhide doesn't. Lennart Poettering has quickly written this off as an alsa bug but that doesn't explain why 0.9.7 works and even if that is true it doesn't help me to file a decent bug report at the alsa site.


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