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Re: X on tty1 in Rawhide/F10

Olivier Galibert (galibert pobox com) said: 
> > Look at the F keys on your keyboard. The whole of your gripe lies within 
> > the space of 6 inches. Lets not have a flame war today. Lets just move 
> > our habits 6 inches to the left and let life be good.
> 6 inches to the left is the phone.
> Yes, I care.  The self-declared "desktop" guys, which for most of them
> don't seem to have met a user in their life, have decided a while ago
> that whoever doesn't fit their imaginary use case is irrelevant and
> can be ignored.

Don't worry, they're coming for your spouses and children next! Seriously,
I'm not sure how this sort of statement provides useful context to the

1) Reducing the amount of flicker and useless mode switching on startup
is definitely a good thing
2) From a logical standpoint, the first tty should be for the most important
user interaction. If you're booting in text mode, that's a getty. If
you're booting with a GUI login... that's the GUI.


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