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Re: Boot speedup with readahead

Harald Hoyer wrote:
> Hello fellow Fedora developers,
> recently readahead was modified to adapt to system file changes and to start very early in the boot process 
> via upstart.

Glad to see that!  Sorry I helped put the hammer down on older readahead
in the F8 era... but it was pretty broken back then ... ;)

> I would like to encourage you to test readahead-1.4.5-3.fc10 from rawhide (even possible on F9), which I built 
> some minutes ago. It may take a day to reach your local mirror.
> # yum --enablerepo=rawhide install readahead
> or
> # yum --enablerepo=rawhide update readahead
> With the next reboot readahead-collector runs and collects the information which files are used during the 
> boot process. The next reboot then, readahead read ahead those files and the boot process (from init start to 
> gdm login screen) should be approx. 10% faster.

So when / how often does readahead-collector run now?


> Hope it speeds up your boot process a little bit. Please report any changes in your boot time (can be measured 
> with a stop clock or bootchart).
> You can modify /etc/sysconfig/readahead to turn readahead on/off.

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