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Re: Fedora 11 nerfed my mixer

On Thu, 23 Apr 2009, Adam Williamson wrote:

> To reiterate, I at least am not proposing that gnome-volume-control
> support all these cases. g-v-c should support profile switching and
> input switching, and have a single volume control that actually works
> properly on all hardware. That would be enough.

For a start. I'm sure there are some more cases which should be 
considered, but the most important ones are probably the ones you 

> All I want beyond that is for there to be a GUI mixer that provides full
> channel control available in the default install for all editions of
> Fedora, *alongside* Pulse-level mixers like the new-skool g-v-c. Only
> providing alsamixer would be a serious regression - most people don't
> know that it exists, or know how to use it.

Call it "Advanced Audio Mixer", have it offer the Alsa channels and offer 
to show only a subset, make it play nicely with the new-skool mixer and 
world domination will be ours. Nope, that came out wrong. Let me try 
again: And all our users rejoiced.

There, much better. The easy cases can work with the new-skool mixer and 
if you need something specific, use the Advanced mixer.

Hopefully people needing the Advanced mixer will share their use cases and 
these can then be considered for inclusion into the new-skool mixer. 

> And most people, infamously, don't read the release notes. This isn't
> our fault, but it's something we should take into account.

I think that's worth a seperate discussion...


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