Upstart 0.6.3 coming to a rawhide near you

Bill Nottingham notting at
Sat Dec 5 15:51:39 UTC 2009

James Antill (james at said: 
> > > Does this mean that running dbus will be required to reboot/shutdown
> > > the system?
> > 
> > No. The init daemon speaks the dbus protocol, and can be communicated
> > with over the system daemon. But it can also be talked to directly.
>  Looking at upstart-0.6.3-3.fc13.src.rpm, the specfile
> includes /sbin/shutdown etc. ... and looking at the tarball those seem
> to come from util/*.c. Which AFAICS require DBus to work.

... which does not *require* the system dbus daemon.


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