Upstart 0.6.3 coming to a rawhide near you

Enrico Scholz enrico.scholz at
Sun Dec 6 11:25:30 UTC 2009

Bill Nottingham <notting at> writes:

> If you own any of the following packages, you have upstart job files that
> will need modified for any needed format changes, and the new location.
> * clamav		ensc
> * dhcp-forwarder	ensc
> * ip-sentinel		ensc
> * milter-greylist	ensc
> * tor			ensc
> We're willing to do the legwork for you, or you can do the update
> yourself once we land 0.6.x; give us a reply with which you'd prefer.

I updated (but not tested) them in rawhide.


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