Fedora Linux Format software review: January 2010

Christopher Brown snecklifter at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 22:20:56 UTC 2009

Hi folks,

Linux Format is a popular magazine in the U.K but which ships all over
the world. It regularly reviews interesting bits of software and I

a) It would be interesting to see how much of what they review is
included in Fedora
b) It would be a good idea to get that which is not in and/or up to date
c) If there is enough interest I would like to form a SIG to do the
monthly reviews - a kind of packaging wishlist on steroids perhaps :)

I blogged about this recently and you can read the basic idea there:


The editor has expressed his willingness to send details of software
which they will review to us so we have a head start. I have conducted
the first review of the January 2010 issue which you can read here:


There are some interesting omissions, for example Recoll, the desktop
search tool which came out ahead of Beagle and Google Desktop and
which doesn't even have a review request opened for it yet.

A few points that need mentioning:

1) I do not and have never worked for Linux Format nor has anyone I know :)
2) There may be some glaring errors - this is why this is on the wiki
so please feel free to update/change etc. For example I have not
undertaken rigorous reviews for the software's suitability.
3) This is not intended as anything other than a distillation of what
would be good to have in the repositories.

I welcome your comments as ever.

Christopher Brown

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