Fedora Linux Format software review: January 2010

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Wed Dec 30 07:15:04 UTC 2009


On 12/29/2009 11:20 PM, Christopher Brown wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Linux Format is a popular magazine in the U.K but which ships all over
> the world. It regularly reviews interesting bits of software and I
> thought:
> a) It would be interesting to see how much of what they review is
> included in Fedora
> b) It would be a good idea to get that which is not in and/or up to date
> c) If there is enough interest I would like to form a SIG to do the
> monthly reviews - a kind of packaging wishlist on steroids perhaps :)
> I blogged about this recently and you can read the basic idea there:
> http://chruz.wordpress.com/2009/12/23/ive-got-the-music-on-my-radio/
> The editor has expressed his willingness to send details of software
> which they will review to us so we have a head start. I have conducted
> the first review of the January 2010 issue which you can read here:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LinuxFormatPackaging
> There are some interesting omissions, for example Recoll, the desktop
> search tool which came out ahead of Beagle and Google Desktop and
> which doesn't even have a review request opened for it yet.
> A few points that need mentioning:
> 1) I do not and have never worked for Linux Format nor has anyone I know :)
> 2) There may be some glaring errors - this is why this is on the wiki
> so please feel free to update/change etc. For example I have not
> undertaken rigorous reviews for the software's suitability.
> 3) This is not intended as anything other than a distillation of what
> would be good to have in the repositories.
> I welcome your comments as ever.

blob and conquer is no longer in Fedora (and not being updated), because
it contains various non free resources. I'm working together with the
Debian packager on replacement textures, sound and music, as time allows,
until this is fixed it cannot be included in Fedora.

I've been discussing doing a "development sprint" focussing solely on
resource replacement together with the debian packager, as we are both
Dutch the idea was to get together and work an entire day on this, hopefully
making some good progress.

It would be nice if others could join in (be it virtual not necessarily
physically). So are there any takers for this ?



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