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Re: ssh private key password

On Thu, Jan 08, 2009 at 05:59:57PM -0500, Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-01-08 at 23:42 +0100, nodata wrote:
> > 
> > No, I'm just getting annoyed that a GUI is popping up when I am using a
> > command line app. Not sure of the point of it, it seems counter
> > intuitive.
> You're using a command line app from a graphical terminal.

I'm not sure I see your point.  Changing focus to another window just
to type a passphrase seems at best to add zero benefit and at worst
to provide surprise and distraction.  What is the benefit?
> Also, cli apps aren't the only use for ssh and ssh keys.

Is this an either/or situation?  The cited man page would seem to
indicate that GUI apps can use this feature while CLI invocations
should not.  FWIW, that would seem to me to be the "least surprise"

John W. Linville
linville redhat com

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