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Sound doesn't work, again!


Yesterday I had to reboot -- this is highly stressful experience
for me, as *every* time I do that something doesn't work, especially
something to do with sound.

Sure enough, I can no longer turn the sound loud enough, despite
fscking around with alsamixer, and a myriad of other sliders all
over the place.

Guys, I am using _standard_ hardware, I am running a _standard_
F11 install. I am doing nothing special! And yet, I can not get
more than 24h of reliable sound out of my system!!!

Newsflash! It is 2009! Sound Just Doesn't Work (TM)!

How is a regular user supposed to use this system? I have spent *tens*
of hours trying to get it to work, It just doesn't! I filed bug reports,
investigated, etc. Lennart is very helpful, I appreciate it. 
Yet, basic sound output is a _total_ nightmare:

I have more Linux experience than 99.99% of all Linux users, and it
managed to almost break me. Is a "normal" user to have a better
experience? If so, I'd love to know how. I really do.

Guys, please understand: I love all the tricks that I can do with PA.
They are really neat. But they mean _zero_ if basic sound just doesn't
work! Even controlling volume is a nightmare (bug 501122).

Does anybody care that in AD 2009 we ship a system where getting basic
sound of one's computer would make a grown man cry?

Dimi Paun <dimi lattica com>
Lattica, Inc.

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