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Re: Simplify non-responsive maintainers policy Part 2

On 10/21/2009 02:10 PM, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
I've talked to FESCo people on IRC and after some discussion I've gone ahead
and reassigned ownership.  Since people seem to like this, if you don't want
to maintain and fix this package, please go through the orphan process
rather than just retiring it.

I went ahead and made the change this time for two reasons:
1) The email address for the current maintainer is not valid.
2) We have in the past had an unwritten policy about reassigning packages
    between a former Red Hat maintainer and a new Red Hat maintainer when the
    maintainer leaves the company and is no longer interested in Fedora.

However, it was pointed out that this does tread in the area of the
fast-track for non-responsive maintainers decided on in this FESCo ticket:

(not yet written up in the wiki.  See
https://fedorahosted.org/fesco/ticket/261 for getting policies written up

So let's discuss --

* Should we expedite these requests in the future if the email address for
   the maintainer is no longer in existence?
* Should we formalize the unwritten policy for Red Hat maintainers who leave
   the company and don't want to maintain their packages anymore?
   * Do we need sanity checks to be sure maintainers who do want to keep
     their packages do so?
   * Do we want something more generic that covers other compaines that pay
     their employees to package for Fedora?


Why not just require a secondary email address?

This would solve most of the problems... no?

Lyos Gemini Norezel
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