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[Announcement]Bug Triage Event 2009-10-30 @ 1600-2000 UTC (1200-1600 hours EDT)

When: Friday, 2009-10-30 @ 16:00-20:00 UTC (1200-1600 hours EDT)
Where: #fedora-qa on irc.freenode.net
F-12 Blocker Meeting may still be in session (more than likely) in 
#fedora-bugzappers, so we will be gathering in #fedora-qa.

The Bug Zappers will be holding a bug triage event this Friday (tomorrow) and 
would like to invite any and all that are interested in lending a hand to join 
Our goal for this event is to review and triage Fedora 10 bug reports still in 
the status of 'NEW' with the aim of confirming and re-versioning or closing 
where approriate. This is an effort to put 'eyes' on these reports before EOL 
(End Of Life) changes close them.

whether your just curoius about the triage process or have questions and would 
like to learn more. This is an oppertunity to do so.
Maybe you like help filing a bug report? We're happy to help.

Everyone is welcome!

I hope to see you there
Edward (tk009)

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